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A variety of applications are included in Lorien's source code package. Here we give a brief description of each one.



make file: [default]

make rule: make blink

source code: components/apps/blink/

Description: Toggles an LED on/off every second.


make file: [default]

make rule: make buttonblink

source code: components/apps/buttonblink/

Description: Toggles an LED on/off when the sensor node's user button 0 is pressed.

Radio Beacon

make file: [default]

make rule: make beacon

source code: components/apps/beacon/

Description: Broadcasts a radio packet every 5 seconds. Prints out packets received with source node IDs and link quality data.


make file: [default]

make rule: make identify

source code: components/apps/identify/

Description: Prints out node's own network ID every five seconds.


make file: [default]

make rule: make sense

source code: components/apps/sense/

Description: Broadcasts a packet every 3 seconds containing sensor readings.


make file: [default]

make rule: make sensereport

source code: components/apps/sense/

Description: Listens for Sense packets from other nodes and prints their contents.


make file: [default]

make rule: make signal_trac

source code: components/apps/signal_tracker/

Description: Sequentially flashes the sensor node's LEDs when sigtrac packets are received. LEDs move more quickly the more dense the surrounding nodes.


make file: [default]

make rule: make shell

source code: components/apps/shell/

Description: Provides an interactive "shell" on a sensor node, offering commands to inspect the node's status and evolve its software. Also implements a file transfer protocol to send files from a PC to the sensor node's external flash memory chip. The loriencomm program in xtools/ provides the PC-side of this file transfer protocol.


make file: [default]

make rule: make recon

source code: components/apps/recon/

Description: Listens for the arrival of "evolution scripts" over the network and enacts the specified software changes on the local node. See software evolution demo tutorial for more detail.

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