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Lorien is a pure dynamic operating system currently targeted at WSN platforms. Built with a dynamic component model, the entire software system is uniformly modelled, naturally allowing any components - from drivers to applications - to be downloaded at runtime and seamlessly loaded into the running system. Components are at a granularity chosen to make systems comprehensible - a typical complete Lorien system might feature just 15 components.


The easiest way to get started using Lorien is to download our Ubuntu VMware image (1.0GB) containing all of the toolchains and source code you need to begin working with Lorien on the TelosB platform. You'll need the VMware Player application to run the image, which is free for both Windows and Linux. Just be sure to follow the readme file on the VM image's desktop to get the latest versions of everything.

If you do not wish to use the above image you will need to install an appropriate cross-compiler yourself (such as mspgcc) and also compile Lorien's toolchains by executing ./ in Lorien's root directory (you may first need to make this script executable with chmod +x

Testing the build system

To perform a quick test of Lorien's build system, open a terminal and navigate to the directory


Then issue the command

make blink

If you have a tmote attached to your PC you can use the command make blink.u to build and upload the simple blinking light application to the sensor node.

Getting started

Introduction to writing components; familiarisation with Lorien's component language and writing your first component. Start here.

How to develop a new interface; defining new interfaces for your components.

How to use output -> log for standard output; a component-oriented mechanism for 'printf'.

How to include other components in your system; finding and adding other components to your systems.

[List of available components and their interfaces]; Lorien stock components listed by interface.

Don't forget you can contribute your own components to the project by getting in touch with us!

Other tutorials

Demo: Introducing local and remote/scripted software evolution in Lorien.

Guide to the applications included in Lorien's standard distribution

Reference architectures: Guides to common Lorien node software architectures

Technical stuff

Complete guide to Lorien's component model; advanced discussion of Lorien's component syntax and semantics.

Standard error codes

Troubleshooting: Compilation fails with undefined reference to X

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